About Kings Way

KINGS WAY is comprised of three different condominium associations. The original 19 units are called Admiralty Heights. The Kings Way Condominium Trust oversees the other 456 town homes and carriage homes, built by the Green Company, a nationally renowned developer. Heatherwood, which serves a more senior population and provides dining room, homemaker and other services, was developed about the same time, and is situated in one of the many village neighborhoods.

The Kings Way Trust was created to oversee the shared open space and amenities for the three condominium developments within Kings Way. Each condominium development has its own Homeowner’s Association, and each has representation on the Kings Way Trust, responsible for:

  • The Guard House at the entrance
  • Kings Circuit – the major roadway that circles the community
  • The Walking Paths
  • The Gardens fronting each neighborhood
  • Golf Course Open Space (70 acres)
  • Golf Clubhouse
  • Waste Water Treatment Facility
  • The Village Green; Administration Building, Post Office, and Social Center
  • The Meeting House
  • Swimming pools
  • Tennis courts


The need for more senior services and self-contained amenities, including dining room, beauty parlor, arts and crafts, library, housekeeping, etc., spurred the development of Heatherwood at Kings Way. The first units were ready for occupancy in 1998, with full build-out completed in 2003, bringing the total number of resident units to 191. Heatherwood also has its own Board of Trustees to oversee its management needs.


When you turn off Kings Circuit (the main circular roadway) onto the village streets, you enter the domain of the Kings Way Condominium Trust. The nine elected Trustees have broad powers to manage and maintain the common areas and buildings within the villages. The Condominium Trust is the association of homeowners responsible for maintaining and servicing all “common areas and elements” within the Condominium. Their responsibilities include, but are not restricted to:

  • Establishing the operating budget that determines your monthly fee;
  • Administering and enforcing rules and regulations;
  • Landscaping plan, awnings, and satellite dish approvals;
  • Investing funds;
  • Providing for property and liability insurance;
  • Coordinating actions with other Kings Way entities;
  • Contracting with a Management Company.

As might be expected, there are overlapping areas of community interest between the Kings Way Trust and The Kings Way Condominium Trust. Good cooperation between the two Trusts is essential to ensure that homeowner’s interests are well served. To facilitate this goal, one of the nine Trustees from the KWCT is “assigned” as a liaison to the KWT Board. Serving on both Boards enables the liaison Trustee to bridge the gaps, ensure that communication remains effective, and help eliminate duplication of effort.


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"Partnering with our communities to enhance the quality of life and peace of mind for all residents."

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